Volume 10, Issue 2

Letter from the Editor



Evaluating IOs as Maritime Actors Using Organizational Sociology: A Study of EU and NATO in Reducing Somali-Based Piracy
Tejal Khanna

Regime Complexity and a Galvanizing Idea: Development Goals and Intergovernmental Organization Coordination
Melanie H. Ram

The Potential of the United Nations as a Regulatory Regime Creator: The Case of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Ongoing Operations
Benjamin Tkach

The Camp: The role of the United Nations Regarding the Treatment of Migrants by the Libyan Regime
Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan

Stretching Horizons & Testing Limits,  The Netherlands & Sweden as Norm Entrepreneurs in the United Nations Security Council
Alanna O’Malley

A Climate of Cooperation or Competition? UNHCR, IOM and Disaster Displacement
Silvana Lakeman and Robert Oakes 



New Developments in International Norms and Governance
Edited by Henry F. Carey