The Journal of International Organizations Studies is a new, peer-reviewed journal that seeks to encourage the creation of a distinct field of international organizations studies. It aims to provide a window into the state of the art in international organizations research, and function as a platform for interdisciplinary dialog on international organizations.
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Volume 6, Issue 2

The latest edition of JIOS is now available. It includes pieces by Peter Kotzian and Beate Kohler-Koch, Bessma Momani and Mark Hibben, Rafael Biermann, Eduardo Uziel and Susanne Lütz, along with a review of a recent Alexandru Grigorescu book by Bob Reinalda.

In the process, this issue provides important insights regarding inter-IO cooperation, trend in Bretton Woods institutions, IO accountability to civil society and Security Council decision-making.




We now welcome papers for submission to Spring 2016 publication.



Recent Highlights

Looking Back at the Gap: International Organizations as Organizations Twenty-Five Years Later
Steven R. Brechin and Gayl D. Ness

The Organizational Turn in International Organization Theory
David Ellis

An Organizational Theory of International Institutions
Christopher Balding and Daniel Wehrenfennig

NATO and the United Nations: Debates and Trends in Institutional Coordination

Kent J. Kille and Ryan C. Hendrickson



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Volume 6, Issue 2
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